Not Enough

Do you ever experience a feeling of incompleteness? Maybe you could be doing, being or having more.

We live in a world of not enough: Not enough time, not enough friends, not enough money, not enough fun, not enough…… The list goes on.

But this feeling of not enough, of lack, pulls us out of the present moment – it’s never the case right now that there isn’t enough or indeed that we aren’t enough.

In this moment, if you ask yourself, “Am I enough?” and you do this without using you memory or focusing on your body, what happens?

Your mind might go quiet. The inner turmoil might settle down a bit.

Right now, you are enough. And it’s always ‘right now’, because any future is simply imagined through the eyes of the past.

Diving In at the Deep End

I was looking at the first blog entry I made a couple of months ago and imagining what I might make of it had it been the first time I’d visited this site.

The Tim of several years ago would have clicked away – “Nothing to see here, no clearly mapped out methods for me to chase ‘enlightenment” (whatever that means), somewhere down the road.”

I simply wasn’t ready for the utter simplicity that the statement ‘be as you are’ is pointing towards.

However, I’ve noticed a trend – I suppose it’s an evolution of sorts, where we seem to have reached somewhat of a collective tipping point.

I usually introduce the idea that there’s ‘no doer’ in my Yoga Nidra classes. It’s sometimes subtle, but as we let go of all that we are not : thoughts, emotions, sensations – we are left with what, or who appears to be experiencing all of these. When the existence of this identity or self is questioned, it’s as if everything falls away and we are left with, well, emptiness.

Now at first glance, this sounds like a scary proposition – but paradoxically this emptiness is also a fullness of limitless capacity.

It is been know by many names: ‘The Self’, ‘Soul’ ‘Ground of Being’. It is the ‘peace that passeth understanding’ which is not apart from anything, but it is our all-pervading True Nature.