Beyond Words & Thought

Words are symbols and pointers. We read words and think we understand something. This is particularly true of ‘spiritual’ texts.

But, it has been said that ‘the thought is not the thing’.

It would be relatively easy to talk about Yoga Nidra in some depth, but it needs to be experienced to be, well, experienced !

The same applies not just to Yoga Nidra, but to any form of yoga, meditation, or similar.

You can look in awe at a video of an instructor holding a perfect yoga pose, but that’s their experience – they can only serve as an example.

Then we have Experience with a capital ‘E’.

The invitation that Yoga Nidra offers, is the Experience of Silence – where words, thoughts, and perceptions of all kinds disappear – albeit for maybe a second or two at a time.

During an  inner Experience, time and space do not apply. Even a momentary taste of Silence is worth a hundred hours reading, discussing etc. – in other words, missing the Experience itself.

And in the end, the form doesn’t matter – whether it’s Yoga Nidra, chanting, playing a musical instrument and becoming completely absorbed in the experience so the we ‘disappear’ and so forth.

All that really matters is that small ‘gap’ that occurs when, for example polarities are integrated or some blockage is released.

Someone once called that Experience ‘The Pearl of Great Price’.

And it is.



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